IVA 2018 is the 18th meeting of an interdisciplinary annual conference and the main leading scientific forum for presenting research on modelling, developing and evaluating intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) with a focus on communicative abilities and social behaviour. IVAs are interactive digital characters that exhibit human-like qualities and can communicate with humans and each other using natural human modalities like facial expressions, speech and gesture. They are capable of real-time perception, cognition, emotion and action that allow them to participate in dynamic social environments. Research on IVAs unites the following areas: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Human-Computer Interaction, Video Games Development, Robotics and many more. Sponsors will have the opportunity to engage with leaders in these disciplines from around the world.

From 5 to 8 November 2018, Western Sydney University expects to host between one hundred to two hundred researchers and industry professionals participating in the IVA conference and workshops.

IVA 2018 will feature the main conference 6-8 November, where top researchers in the aforementioned fields will present their latest work in terms of oral presentations, demos and posters. Industry professionals can also participate in the main conference and submit their works to the industry track with the aim to discuss their new developments with peers. During the workshop day (5 November) there will be topical workshops, as well as a Research-Industry Nexus day event, where industry professionals will receive an opportunity to give short presentations on the problems they are interested in solving using the cutting-edge virtual agents research and researchers would be able to provide feedback on how they envisage potential solutions and discuss possible collaborations related to solving those problems.

Who Will Attend?

Students, academics and industry professionals with an interest in learning about and presenting the most cutting-edge research conducted today in the multi-disciplinary field of intelligent virtual agents. Advances in IVA research are enabling increasingly autonomous agents that are now being utilized across a growing number of fields, including training, counselling, entertainment, medicine, the military, psychology and teaching. Researchers and industry professionals working on IVAs and applying their knowledge to aforementioned fields will attend the event.

Benefits of Sponsorship

The Conference provides an excellent opportunity for your organisation to:

  1. Gain face-to-face exposure to national, regional and international delegates;
  2. Maintain a high profile with your Australian and international target markets and source of employees;
  3. Network with academic leaders and delegates and evaluate regional and international trends and issues facing thedisciplines to design and generate future business opportunities;
  4. Mix informally with key Australian and international decision-makers;
  5. Demonstrate your involvement, commitment and support of the disciplines underpinning industry
success, and
  6. Launch new products and services in front of an audience empowered with decision-making authority.


Sponsorship at a Glance

  Amount Free registration Company logo Demo booth Naming for events
Printed program Signage at the conference Web
Platinum Sponsor 10 000 AUD 8 X X X X X
Gold Sponsor 5 000 AUD 5 X X X X X
Silver Sponsor 2 500 AUD 2 X X X X X
Bronze Sponsor 1 000 AUD 1 X X X X

Please contact the conference chairs at iva2018@scem.westernsydney.edu.au to obtain more information and to become a sponsor.